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Roof Cleaning and Moss Treatment

Clear N' Bright Windows specializes in roof cleaning and moss treatment services. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve come to master the art of roof cleaning to eliminate moss and prevent it from growing back. Our specialized cleaning process ensures like-new results without compromising the integrity of your roof, giving you a moss-free roof and restoring your peace of mind.

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Residential and Commercial properties in the greater Seattle and out-lining areas.

We take absolute pride in cleaning your property. It is our aspiration to clean all surfaces to your complete satisfaction. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

We here at Clear N’ Bright try to separate ourselves from other roof cleaning companies by doing everything we possibly can for you.

Part of owning any home is keeping the surrounding area clean.

We do not recommend pressure washing or high-pressure air to clean your roof.

What we recommend is doing a hard sweep to remove as much debris and larger areas of moss, then hand clean the gutters and follow up with an environmentally/Salmon safe treatment to kill anything remaining on the roof.

Clear N' Bright Windows, Gutters, Roof Cleaning and Holiday Lighting have over 30 years of experience in making you proud of your property. Extend the life of your investment with a proper cleaning from our dedicated staff.

What Is Moss?

You may think moss gives your home a little fairy-tale allure, but it can be a huge signal of water damage or other roofing issues—not what you need when looking to live happily ever after.

Moss is a non-vascular plant, many species of which have adapted to grow in urban environments. Cracks in stone, creases in your roof, and fissures in the pavement are all common areas where moss can grow. But while it’s a non-toxic plant, it can be an invasive pest.

Worse yet, wherever it grows requires moisture—and wherever there’s moisture, there’s the potential for problems. Your roof should wick away moisture. It shouldn’t hold onto it. If your roof is growing moss, that could be a sign pointed to deeper, more significant water-leak problems. And all that moss can make the matter only worse.

Moss and algae tend to grow in damp, shaded areas and can cause damage to your roof both directly and indirectly. If large patches of moss grow on your roof, they will hold water against the surface, causing the roofing materials to rot. In addition, trapped water can create gaps between your roof’s tiles. As the water freezes and thaws, it can pull the tiles apart, causing even more damage. Moss absorbs and retains water, so if there is a lot on your roof, there will be a lot of moisture. If left untreated, moss will begin to eat away at the surface of your roof tiles.

Why Moss and Other Growth Is Bad

Ultimately, if you see moss, discoloration, or growth atop your roof, you should call Clear N' Bright Windows for our help. The problem with moss and other development on your shingles is that they retain dampness. Since shingles are not water-tight, this dampness eventually affects the shingles, seeps through them, and can affect the structure of the building your shingles are meant to protect. If you have a moss or growth problem, we will apply our specialized process to help clear your roof from growth, prevent it from coming back again, and dry it out.

We are the team that will help get rid of the moss and growth atop your roof and keep it away.

Roof Cleaning and Moss Maintenance

If you notice moss in small sections on your roof, it is important to have it removed. You can try to do this on your own, however, we recommend hiring a professional to handle the job. Cleaning a roof on your own without the proper equipment or experience could be dangerous and damaging. If any damage occurs to the tiles or shingles, you could end up with a problem that affects other parts of your home.

Don’t risk it. Call the professionals at Clear N' Bright Windows. We have the equipment needed to clean your roof, such as ladders, safety harnesses, and anchors.

Efficient, Effective Moss Removal Services

Removing moss from your roof doesn’t have to be a hassle. At Clear N' Bright Windows, we offer efficient, effective, and non-invasive treatments to clear moss and keep it gone for good. Using industry-grade herbicidal treatments, we ensure a comprehensive clean that kills moss and prevents it from regrowing. With our services, you’ll not only keep your roof looking newer and nicer—you’ll also protect it from moisture, mold, and structural degradation.

We will mix a chemical solution proportionate to the amount of moss you have on your roof. We will apply the solution and coat the moss in the solution until it begins to activate. Don’t worry! Our solution will not bleach your roof. Once the chemical has set into the roof, we will easily sweep the moss away with a soft broom because the roots will have disintegrated from our solution. We are the team that will effectively remove the moss and other growth from your roof.

Enjoy a better-looking, better-performing roof and contact us to book your cleaning today.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Maintain your roof and extend its lifespan. With our services, you can do both.

Thanks to our thoroughgoing and comprehensive approach, we’re able to improve your roof’s condition, helping protect it from damage and wear and tear. In turn, our services help prevent down-the-road repair issues and keep your roof working better for longer.

The result? Your roof will require less intensive maintenance, and you’ll get the most out of its lifespan. Protect your roof today by enlisting our cleaning and moss removal services.

Of course, please call us to protect your roof from moss growth before it shows up, but that doesn't always happen. The preventative measures we take will protect your roof from moss coming back – but if you don't have moss up there right now, we will help you make sure it never shows up to begin with. Most of the time, we are called by clients that have noticed moss on their roofing and want it gone! We are the team to call if you need to use tried-and-true techniques that will rid your roof of moss and growth for good.

Contact us today, and enjoy a better-working roof for tomorrow!

Moss Removal Treatment

If you have started noticing moss regularly blocking up your gutters or can see it from ground level or a window, now is the time to consider having it treated and removed. Before long, the moss will spread, quickly becoming a much larger job, and ultimately costing you more.

If you want to remove dead moss from your roof or are thinking of selling your home, we offer several different methods of roof cleaning. Read more about our process below or feel free to give us a call for more details.

Moss Growth Prevention

There are many ways to ensure that moss doesn't grow back after getting rid of it, but none are better than our techniques. Our first business matter will be to rid your roof of moss growth, so that's what we'll do first. But when our chemical solution is settling, we will complete a walkaround of your property to look for the causes of the moss growth and see what strategies we can use to work against those natural barriers.

We will walk around the property and take note of the trees that surround the roof, as they can encourage moss growth. We will note the amount of shade on the roof and act from there. The nature of moss suggests that one side of your roof will be mossier than the other. In that case, we will apply our preventative measure more to the side that gets more moss.

One of the best ways to prevent moss after applying our chemical solution is to lay down a zinc metal strip across the top of your roof and nail it down. When it rains, zinc particulate will be pulled off by the water and drug across your roof. These zinc particles don't allow moss to grow. We will apply this very effective method to your roof, and come back to see how it's done six months later.

Prevent Roof Leaks and Improve Property Value

Keep your roof performing as it should with our cleaning and moss-removal services. If you’re worried about leaks, moisture, or water damage making their way into your home, your roof is one of the first places to look. Our rigorous services help protect your roof so that it stays free from leaks and helps prevent moisture from seeping into your attic. Whether you’ve noticed some dark spots around your roof or some moss growing on your shingles, you can count on us to protect your roof and keep it working as it should.

With our services, you’ll not only enhance your roof’s performance and prevent moisture damage. You’ll also improve your property value, boosting your curb appeal in the process. Save time and get the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us to book your cleaning today.

Our Treatment Process

Here at Clear N' Bright Windows,we’ve developed a moss-removal process designed to improve outcomes, prevent future moss growth, and protect your roof from damage. Unlike some alternatives, we do not perform pressure/power washing or use high air pressure as it can cause damage to your tiles and granules. It may also void any warranty you may have with your contractor.

Instead, we use a time-tested chemical-treatment process that removes moss without affecting your roof’s overall structure. We will apply a treatment and then wait six to eight weeks for the moss to die before doing a light sweep of the dead moss. We would not recommend the use of bleach on your roof, as it is very corrosive and will cause damage to any plant life surrounding your home.

When Should I Remove Moss From My Roof?

The best time to have your roof swept is in the summer when the weather is dryer. It is dangerous to carry out roof cleaning in wet, windy, or icy conditions. If you are looking to have your roof cleaned, don’t wait until the winter to start looking for a professional company. Having your roof treated bi-annually or annually will also help prevent your gutters from getting clogged. Ultimately this will save you money and your gutters will work more efficiently at protecting your home from rainwater.

Call now to schedule your moss treatment!

The Clear N' Bright Windows Guarantee

Clear N' Bright Windows gives a 100% guarantee that our moss treatment will kill the moss/algae. If, for whatever reason, our treatment doesn’t kill the moss in the 6- to 8-week period, we will reapply the treatment at no cost to the homeowner.

Stop Moss from Growing. Book a Roof Inspection Today

Moss tends to form in areas where it is shielded from the sun. If sections of your roof are under heavy tree cover, these are prime spots for moss to thrive. Washington State is a damp climate, and there are many days of overcast and rain. You will most likely notice signs of algae or moss forming on your roof at some point.

However, the presence of moss does not mean your roof has sustained damage, especially if you catch it early. Like leaves in your gutters, moss is only a problem if you allow it to grow unrestricted.

If you notice moss or algae on your roof, do not panic. Call Clear N' Bright Windows for a free roof inspection today.

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