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Window Cleaning in Redmond

Family owned and operated, Clear N’ Bright Windows has been servicing Redmond residential and business clients since 1990—that’s more than 26 years of experience!

When it comes to getting a window cleaner than you’ve ever seen it before, we’re the team for the job. One of Angie’s List’s top-rated window cleaning companies, with over 600 reviews, you’ll find Clear N’ Bright Windows receives a lot of positive feedback all over the World Wide Web.

Our pricing is competitive, and our attitude is friendly and professional. Available seven days a week, we’re happy to take your call and tackle your window cleaning project as soon as possible!

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Experienced, Dependable Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning

Windows are a crucial component of any home or business. In addition to being a portal for natural light to pour into your location, windows offer views of your surroundings and can open up even the most cramped spaces.

Window cleaning, however, is a tedious and time-consuming task. Cleaning windows from the inside and out, using the correct products and methods for a streak-free shine, is something that many of us simply don’t have the time or energy for.

That’s why Clean N’ Bright Windows specializes in meticulous and reliable window cleaning. As a well-established team of window cleaners in Redmond, we provide exceptional cleaning for windows of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re on the first or fourteenth floor, our staff has the experience and resources your home or business needs.

Working with both speed and patience, we will clean your windows to an exacting standard in no time.

In addition to our exceptional customer care, Clean N’ Bright offers competitive pricing and free estimates for our window cleaning services.

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Residential Window Cleaning

There’s a reason why our residential window cleaning clients come back to us year after year. Offering the best pricing in Redmond, flexible scheduling, and solutions for those tougher projects such as post-construction window cleaning, our clients know that we can always accomplish exactly what they’re paying us for.

We arrive at your home with all the materials we need for quick, effective window cleaning. Depending on the number of windows in your residence, your window cleaning will be completed

Our window cleaners use products that are environmentally safe and powerful. Clean windows will add great appeal to your property and ease the task of maintenance. We can clean the windows located elsewhere on your property, such as in your garage or garden shed.

From bungalows to three story homes, we’re able to regularly maintain windows as well as take on special projects including:

  • Windows that haven’t been washed for more than three years
  • For windows that are overdue for a clean, additional effort will be required. Bright N’ Clean is well-versed in cleaning windows that are more in need of TLC than most. We use heavy-duty cleaners to remove years of accumulation and residue on your window surfaces. You’ll be amazed at how quickly we restore these windows to their fresh, transparent original state!

  • Post-construction washing involving glue, paint, and the removal of other debris
  • During construction, in spite of the best and most careful efforts, it’s common for paint and glue to end up splattered on your glass surfaces. Conventional cleaning solutions are often inadequate to remove these from windows. Luckily, Bright N’ Clean specializes in tough tasks like these. Our powerful window cleaning products and powerful methods can remove even the most stubborn dried paint or glue.

  • Custom-made, multi-pane, and abnormally sized windows
  • Intricate, complex window systems often present their own challenges. Bright N’ Clean thrives under these challenges and will find the best, most efficient way to clean oversized or complex windows.

  • Skylights
  • Skylights aren’t easy to clean, but Bright N’ Clean has equipment to scale these gravity-defying windows and clean them just as thoroughly as regular windows.

Armed with the right safety equipment, cleaning materials, and years of experience, Clear N’ Bright Windows is Redmond’s favorite residential window cleaning services for a reason.

Commercial Window Cleaning

As the owner of a business in Redmond, you should be aware of the difference a clean building makes. Before entering a store or office space, clients and employees will always take note, whether consciously or subconsciously, of the building’s cleanliness.

Commercial locations often have very large, floor-to-ceiling windows. There’s also a high likelihood that they are located above the ground floor— often high above the ground. Fortunately, we have the resources and the experience to effectively clean even the most extensive walls of windows.

Our team has been trained to work with specialized equipment needed for high rise window cleaning. So, whether you operate on the ground floor or the 50th floor, we make your view a little brighter.

By setting up a regularly window washing schedule with our experienced window cleaners, you can ensure that your company will always look its best. Clear N’ Bright will help you put your best food forward. Once your clients are inside—well, that part is up to you.

Four Great Benefits of Going Pro

Like anything in life, when it comes to window cleaning, you can do things the right way or the wrong way. Professionally cleaned windows not only improve your view, they also protect your property investment. The simple fact of the matter is that over time, dirt and debris can become a real hazard on your residential or commercial property’s windows. With the amount of wind and rain that we sometimes get here in Redmond, it is important to remember that keeping your windows clean and in pristine condition is very important. On top of that, keeping your windows clean not only lets the sunshine in, it can also greatly improve your mood in no time at all. And, for Redmond-based businesses, research shows that dirty windows can actually affect sales. With that in mind, here are four real benefits of going pro when it comes to window cleaning:

  1. What a lot of people in Redmond fail to realize is that window cleaning protects your windows. Dirt and debris on windows are not just an annoyance, they can also cause a lot of damage in the long run. Dirt and debris can be etched into the glass and cause scratches and blemishes that can affect the visual appearance and re-sale value of your residential or commercial property. At Clear N' Bright Windows, we use only the most professional tools and equipment and eco-friendly cleaners to clean windows. Having them professionally washed means that your property will look its best for longer.
  2. From a residential perspective, window cleaning improves the quality of your home. Clean windows are not only an esthetic benefit, they can also improve the ambiance of your home, which in turn can lift your mood and improve the overall vitality of yours and your family’s day-to-day life. With so many beautiful views here in Redmond, it really would be a shame if they were compromised because of dirty windows.
  3. Another benefit of hiring a professional window cleaner is that it is much safer than doing it yourself. The fact of the matter is that using a ladder can be a dangerous and tricky proposition. On top of that, many store-bought cleaners have chemicals that are, as you may imagine, not the best idea to breathe in. Every member of our window-cleaning team is trained to do a perfect job every single time, and our experience and expertise means that you don’t have to worry about your own health and safety.
  4. Finally, by enlisting the services of a professional window cleaning service, you can concentrate on spending time with your family. So, instead of spending an entire weekend cleaning windows, why not organize a trip away to the cottage or cook a delicious dinner for the whole family to enjoy. We will never cut any corners in the pursuit of perfection and that is why we have been the number one window cleaning team in Redmond for many years.

The Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

As a commercial client, it’s obvious that commercial window cleaning will help your company look better. And, as a residential client you want to be able to see outside properly and be able to take pride in the outer appearance of your home.

While some Redmond home and business owners may opt to clean their own windows, there is nothing better than a professional window cleaning. When you hire Clear N’ Bright, you’ll get our superior window cleaning services, and a safety guarantee that will make the whole process a stress-free one.

Starting at only $175, it’s well worth it to work with our qualified window cleaners!

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