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Window Cleaning in Bellevue

Nothing quite ruins elegance and beauty more than filth. Whether you're at a high-end restaurant or a beautiful bed and breakfast overlooking a luscious garden, you expect to have an experience worth your while.

No one wants to stare out dirt ridden, smudged windows. What's the point of having a stunning, scenic property or view, if you can't even see it clearly? If you're a business owner who wants to impress clients or a homeowner in the housing market; maintaining clean, streak free windows will add class, charm and value to your property!

Clear & Bright Windows has been providing Bellevue with professional window cleaning services since 1990. Our hands on approach, exceptional customer service, can-do attitude and efficient modernized techniques and tools, have allowed us to expand exponentially over the years! Making us one of the most trusted professional window washing services in the county!

Benefits of Having Your Residential Windows Professionally Cleaned

When you hire a professional cleaning service like Clear & Bright Windows, you are guaranteed to have sparkling results. Our expert window cleaners are efficient, professional and we offer free estimates and affordable rates for superior high quality services.

Safety Hazards

Not only does DIY window cleaning take up a lot of time, but it puts your safety at risk. If your Bellevue property is two stories or higher, you should consider hiring a professional window washing service, like Clear & Bright.

Every single year a growing amount of DIY home and small business owners suffer serious injury due to tumbles, slips and falls. Our company has the proper equipment and our expertly qualified crew is thoroughly trained in professional cleaning safety. We are dedicated to getting the job done right, and exceptional customer service is top priority. Don't put yourself at risk for a concussion, broken bones or worse; let the professionals take care of those impossibly stubborn smudges for you!

Window Safety Inspection

By choosing Clear & Bright services you are choosing quality. Not only do we thoroughly scrub those hard to reach window surfaces but we inspect them as well. Our expert window washers search for possible security threats, like defective latches, fire hazards, hairline cracks, deterioration, water damage and more!

Post Construction Windows

If your Bellevue property has undergone renovation and/or remodeling, than you know all too well, that residual debris is an issue. Even after a professional cleaning company has cleared away the mess and leftover supplies; you'll likely be stuck with lingering stains on your windows. Mainly from harsh materials like: silicone, plaster, paint marks, stucco, dried concrete and other hard to clean remains.

Clear & Bright will be able to properly remove these stains without damaging your home, glass or frame. By using gentle, scratch free, professional cleaning tools and detergents; your windows will look spotless in no time!

Residential Window Washing in Bellevue

Clear & Bright Windows have been working with homeowners in Bellevue for a number of years, delivering reliable and professional window cleansing solutions. We offer a full range of residential window washing services that include track and sill cleaning and screen washing options to suit your needs. If you are planning a party or are interested in selling your home and would like to ensure guests or potential buyers are seeing the best view of your property. Get in touch with us to discuss the details of our one-time services.

Customize your window washing service to your homes unique requirements with service options and scheduling that suit virtually any budget. Our accredited glass cleaning specialists are highly trained, fully licensed and friendly. We'll work respectfully in and around your home to deliver gorgeous, streak-free finished results with minimal impact to your daily schedule.

Commercial Building Window Washing Contractors for Businesses in Bellevue

Clear & Bright Windows are your local commercial window cleaners partnering with building managers and owners across Bellevue. Our up to date health and safety certifications, commitment to safety standards and regulations and modern commercial cleaning equipment and training make us responsible and trustworthy building maintenance partners. Keep your organization looking its absolute best with a clear, finger print and streak free view from every window on your property.

Connect with us for a free estimate and more information on our custom commercial window options. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Clear & Bright Windows are Your Safe, High Rise Window Cleaners

High rise window cleaners require specialized training and equipment to perform meticulous window sanitization in high, sometimes restricted spaces. Weather conditions and unique structural requirements come into play when glass needs to be washed and maintained so high above ground. Clear & Bright set the bar high in Bellevue when it comes to providing up-front competitive pricing and expert specialized high-rise cleaning services.

Don't overlook the value properly cleaned windowsills, screens and glass adds to your business. Connect with us via telephone or email for more information on our high-rise window cleaners can make your Bellevue commercial property stand out from the rest.

Industrial Window Washers and Maintenance Specialists

No matter the nature of your business, Clear & Bright Windows offers window washing solutions that result in picturesque glass clarity with affordable rates that fit into any budget. It doesn't matter how dirty the glass, sills and screens get, we can take them back to sparkling in no time. Our specialized industrial window washers, equipment, and proven cleaning solutions are second to none. Align your business with Bellevue's recommended window washing and maintenance specialists for excellent customer service, superior project management skills and competitive pricing you won't find any where else.

Retail Window Clarity Pros

Invite customers in with immaculate glass, sills, and surroundings that allow them to see all of your wares with perfect clarity. We'll work around your business schedule to ensure minimal interference with your daily operations. Our technicians are highly certified, respectful professionals who will work dutifully within your business to get the job done to your total satisfaction. Talk to one of our retail window clarity pros about the benefits Clear & Bright Windows can add to your storefront cleansing and merchandising success.

The Importance of Window Cleaning

Believe it or not, there are a lot of benefits to cleaning windows that go beyond just having clean and clear glass.

Prolonged lifespan: Glass is a porous material. As dirt builds up, it becomes fragile and can permanently lose its clarity. Even something such as a sprinkler system or windows being encased in metal frames and screens make for good reasoning in favor of regular cleaning. Sprinklers can cause hard mineral buildup, and metal can cause oxidization.

Polished image: If you own a business in Bellevue, having clean windows subconsciously affects your clients. When customers see a building with dirty windows, whether they’re aware of it or not, they will steer clear.

Temperature control: Windows let sunlight into your home or business. On colder days, you’re going to want more sun to be let in so your heating system doesn’t need to work as hard. Don’t let grimy windows block the sun!

How Often Should I Hire a Window Cleaning Service?

That is dependent on the weather conditions and environment you are in. Homes and businesses close to busy streets are more susceptible to dirt due to foot and vehicular traffic.

If there has been a lot of rain recently, you’ll also want to clean them more often. Bellevue has a range of weather conditions, so it’s best to pay attention to that.

Looking to budget? Estimate one to two times a month, but don’t leave your windows untouched for more than three months. In the end, observe how quickly your windows attract dirt and when it becomes noticeable give us a call!

Prepping for Window Washers

Prior to our arrival there are a few things you can do to ensure the job is easy for both of us. Clean your blinds and consider your window screens. Don’t be afraid to keep other tasks in mind as we are open to helping clean screens and blinds if you are unable to! We have a ladder and the materials, just ask us early on so we know what to expect.

Professional Advantage

When you hire Clear & Bright Windows, the service we offer will be more effective than the DIY option. We have the tools on hand to get the cleanest and brightest windows! Hiring professional window washers ensures you don’t have to risk falling or breaking a window. On top of this, you won’t have to deal with the chemicals involved.

Let Clear & Bright take the risk so you don’t have to—we’re used to it!

When we clean the windows of your home or business, we promise that we won’t leave a smudge or a streak behind.

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